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Monday, September 26, 2016

NYC Plans on Getting Sued For $710 Million This Year

NYC Plans on Getting Sued For $710 Million This Year

Did you know that over the past year, New York City paid out $585.9 million to people or property owners who suffered an injury that the City caused? These injuries were caused by everything from “slip, trip and fall” incidents, to medical malpractice, to bad interactions with the police or fire departments, to tree limbs falling on people, buildings, and cars (Seriously, 207 tree-limb related claims were filed last year!).

It turns out that the borough whose citizens got the most payouts is my home area, the Bronx. New data from the City Comptroller shows that citizens in the Bronx filed 7,442 lawsuits against the City and got $176 million in return last year.

On a per capita basis, there were 417 personal injury lawsuits filed against the City for every 100,000 people living in the borough. Either those of us in the Bronx have the unfortunate bad luck of having more things go wrong for us, or we are more willing than the folks in the other boroughs to seek justice.

Although there were only 6,939 lawsuits filed in Brooklyn, that is the borough whose citizens got the most money from the City, $219 million to be exact.

Citizens in Manhattan filed 5,053 suits and got paid $85 million. Residents of Queens filed 4,871 suits and got $61 million.

Staten Island had the fewest number of suits at 1,389, and the smallest payout at $18 million.

What this data means is that people who are injured because the city was negligent should not be afraid to bring a lawsuit. Don’t let all the City’s blustering about fraud and the waste of taxpayer dollars dissuade you from seeking justice if the City is at fault.

The City expects to pay out a certain amount of money to people who are injured. They budget for it, and they have a team of lawyers whose job it is to investigate claims, and then either fight them or settle them. In fact, according to the City Comptroller, “the ‘judgments and claims’ budget for FY 16 is greater than the budgets for the Department of the Aging, the City Council, and the City’s three library systems combined.”

Whether you tripped in one of the MANY potholes around the city, or were injured in a police-related incident, if the City was at fault, they should be held accountable for their actions. They are ready and able to pay if you are willing to hold them responsible. 

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