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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Mother’s Love Transcends Death and Incarceration

Q: Is there legal and emotional support for mothers of police brutality victims?

It seems every day that headlines and video footage demonstrate the brutality and violence escalating worldwide. Bronx police brutality and police misconduct lawyers see the violence, too.

But while some may argue the current political climate is responsible for what may feel like an uptick in police brutality or misconduct incidents, there has been a long history of so-called “bad blood” between NYPD officers and some of the people they've arrested or killed and their families.

And their mothers have something to say about it.

Recently, "mothers who have had children killed by police or had children targeted by NYPD gang units or immigration and customs enforcement raids" united in their crusade against police brutality--- and in mutual support of each other.

The women, brought together through groups like Mothers for Justice, Parents Against Police Brutality, and The Alliance of Families for Justice shared their individual stories with the group and brainstormed about messages to affect change and to protect their children – – many of whom are people of color – – from a broken justice system. The gripes cover injustices in profiling and targeting certain groups before arrest, misconduct and brutality during arrest, as well as improper treatment during subsequent incarceration. The close relatives of a victim who died at the hands of a police officer’s improper conduct may be entitled to compensatory damages in a wrongful death lawsuit under certain circumstances, which a skilled personal injury attorney can explain.

Police brutality and misconduct charges often arise from situations where police exceed the minimal amount of force needed to control the situation at hand and from where they violate someone’s civil rights. Some of the more common instances—and those most closely related to these protesting mothers’ groups—include excessive force, false arrest or imprisonment, wrongful shootings, and racial profiling.

If you believe you have been the victim of police brutality or police misconduct, or if a loved one has been killed as a result of police brutality, contact The Goldstein Firm at 718-239-0239 for a free consultation. From our office in the Bronx, New York, we represent police brutality victims living in New York City as well as those living in or visiting New York State.

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