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Police brutality or police misconduct cases are a very common occurrence.  Often times these incidents occur as a result of Excessive force, false  arrest, false imprisonment, wrongful shootings, taser injuries, high speed police car chases, racial profiling and improper police activities.

Police are only permitted to control a situation using the minimal amount of force required, but instances of police brutality involving bodily harm to civilians or inmates are unacceptable and should be reported immediately.  Likewise, if police officers do not uphold an individual’s civil rights, they are in violation of the law. The Goldstein Law Firm performs an immediate investigation in order to identify whether the police officer(s) had “probable cause” to arrest or detain or whether the arrest and imprisonment was in violation of a person's due process and civil rights. The Goldstein Law Firm also looks to determine whether the police officers used excessive force or improper actions when detaining the victim. We also look into whether the victim was wrongly or excessively imprisoned without a proper investigation conducted by the police. We solicit all potential persons who witnesses the actions on the part of the police and all other relevant events. We do so in order to assist in obtaining fair and reasonable compensation for the injuries you suffer as a result of the police officer(s) actions.

Serving Bronx Residents in Police Brutality and Misconduct Cases

If you believe you have been the victim of police brutality or police misconduct, contact The Goldstein Firm right away for a free consultation.

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